I let an A.I. write a lesson on how to make comedy

I let an A.I. write a lesson on how to make comedy

And I made a video for it:


I showed it to a friend which said it makes sense and doesn’t make sense at the same time. It might not be conscious of it, but it actually says funny things at times because of how unexpected they are and I could see a future A.I. comedian become a reality. The strange thing is that it can explain a lot without becoming concrete or going into details and seems to “make up facts” like the distinction in comedians.

It really seems like a lesson or tutorial, yet it seems explained by someone who is alien to what real comedy is as humankind interprets it.

What I wrote was the short introduction about “Teaching you humans on subjects” and “Transformer Comedy Class, Lesson 1”, after that, it completed this by writing this lesson.

Text by A.I. written using http://textsynth.org/

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