A humble request to you all to please s#EPArate Science and Politics to make the #ClimateChange Movement clearer

A humble request to you all to please separate Science and Politics to make the Climate Change Movement clearer

This is a humble request to all people here. This sub has 54k subs. Often I see left-leaning/leftist politics being merged with Science as the ‘only solution’. I don’t think I am exaggerating if I say that this sub has a lot of communists and socialists. See, I am not here to argue whether communism/socialism is good or bad. Honestly I don’t understand a whole lot about politics and economics. Maybe that socialism is truly the ONLY solution to climate change, I don’t know. But here is something, please remember, when doing activism, to explicitly mention the fact that the scientific community do not wish to associate themselves with any political side.

I am aware that many communists consider Marxism/socialism to be scientific and the truth. I respect that, even though I can say the same for capitalists, who also cite their Economical Science. The point is, whatever it is, it is not Climate Science, more specifically NOT Natural Science. Climate Scientists objectively measure and report on climate science, not politics. So, my request to you all is, even though I know and respect your political side, I would like you, for the sake of Science, keep the Science part of it separate from your political ideology. Remember, climate change is scientific, solution to it is econo-political.

I understand it very well that you might say “But everything is political!”. No. Sun setting in the west isn’t political. The atom’s structure isn’t political. I know for a fact that the claim that everything is political comes as a response against conservative movements in USA and UK, like Trump who denies climate change. And I would very well like you to continue your protests against Trump and his policies. But in that process, I would like you to push (not encourage) for separation of Science and politics. You see, things like NIPCC and other fraudulent anti-scientific institutions are being promoted. To do such things is to taint the scientific community with political bipartisanship. And I would request to make sure that it doesn’t happen at any cost.

I would like to point at someone like Potholer54


Who is a conservative (capitalist in some ways) as well as a geologist trying his best to debunk climate change deniers. He have proposed capitalist solutions to climate change. I don’t know whether they will work or not, but my point was that Climate Science isn’t related to politics and there are people who are concerned about climate change and have different political views.

The reason why I am making this post is because I am from a part of the world where merging politics with education has been disastrous. There are frequent riots and clashes in educational institutions and the result – focus on politics more than education. I fear that this might also happen to the scientific community given the recent polarization of Science by people from both sides of the political spectrum, dragging ‘Science’ in politics and using the two interchangeably.

But maybe I am wrong. Maybe I am paranoid and have irrational fears. Maybe you guys aren’t merging politics with Science. But in any case, I have been sensing a weird combination of Science with politics. Whatever it is, I would like to remind you that we all, liberals or conservatives, live on the same planet and we need everyone’s collective effort (whether by socialism or capitalism) to solve the climate crisis plaguing this planet.

Peace! And sorry for the unnecessarily long post

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