We are the #Privacytools.io team — Ask Us Anything!

We are the privacytools.io team — Ask Us Anything!

Hi everyone!

We are the team behind privacytools.io. We’re also at r/privacytoolsio on Reddit. We’ve built a community to educate people from any technical background on the importance of privacy, and privacy-friendly alternatives. We evaluate and recommend the best technologies to keep you in control and your online lives private.

We’ve been busy. Lately, in addition to a complete site redesign, we’ve begun hosting decentralized, federated services that will ultimately encourage anyone to completely control their data online. We’ve started social media instances with Mastodon and WriteFreely, instant messaging instances with Matrix’s open-source Synapse server, and technical projects like a Tor relay and IPFS gateway that will hopefully help with adoption of new, privacy-protecting protocols online.

This project encompasses the privacytools.io homepage, r/privacytoolsIO, our Discourse forum, our official blog, and a variety of federated and decentralized services: Mastodon, Matrix, and WriteFreely. Taken together, we’re running platforms benefiting thousands of daily users. We’re also constantly researching the best privacy-focused tools and services to recommend on our website, which receives millions of page-views monthly! All of the code we run is open-source and available on GitHub.

Sometimes our visitors wonder why it is that we choose one set of recommended applications over another, or why one was replaced with another. Or why we have strong preferences for some of our rules, such as a tool being FLOSS (Free/Libre Open Source Software). With so many great options out there, sometimes recommending solutions gets really hard! Transparency is important to us, so we’re here to explain how we go about making these sometimes difficult choices. But we’re also here to answer questions about how to redesign a site (which we just did – we hope you enjoy it!), or how distributed teams can work well across so many time zones with so many (great, really!) personalities, or answer any other questions you might have.

Really, it’s anything you’ve ever wanted to know about privacytools.io, but were too afraid to ask!

Who’s answering questions, in no particular order:

>> We are the privacytools.io team members. Ask Us Anything! <<

Our team is decentralized across many timezones and may not be able to answer questions immediately. We’ll all be around for the next few days to make sure every question gets covered ASAP!

One final note (and invitation)

Running a project of this scale takes a lot of time and resources to pull off successfully. It’s fun, but it’s a lot of work. Join us! We’re a diverse bunch. We bet you’re diverse, too. How about volunteering? Want to help research new software on our GitHub page? You can! Want to use your coding skills (primarily HTML & Jekyll) to push our site to greater heights? You can! Want to help build our communities, in our GitHub forums or on r/privacytoolsIO? You can! We are a very relaxed, fun group. No drama. So, if you’ve ever thought, “Hey, I got mad skills, but I don’t know how to help the privacy movement prosper,” well, now you do!

What? You don’t have time? Consider donating to help us cover our server costs! Your donations at https://liberapay.com/privacytools.io/donate will allow us to host privacy-friendly services that — literally — the whole world deserves. Every single penny helps us help you. Please consider donating if you like our work!

If you have any doubts, here is proof it’s really us (Twitter link!) 🙂

And on that subject if you’re on Twitter, consider following us @privacytoolsIO!

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