Exploiting Collision in Hash functions

Exploiting Collision in Hash functions

I am a computer science student at my last year in college. My graduation project is about doing a comparative study about exploiting collision in hash functions and testing whether specific techniques that can cause collision on a certain hash function can work on another. Simply put, the project is about testing various (up to 3) hash functions vulnerability to various collision techniques and saying why it worked or not (e.g. technique A caused collision on hash function B but it couldn’t do so on hash function A because reasons) . The problem is, I’m relatively new to such topics and I want to know the different techniques or methods that are used to cause collision and the respective hash functions they work on. So, can anyone please give any research material on this topic? I downloaded a lot of research papers/related studies of Masters and PhD but they are a bit complicated and usually focus on one method that works on one hash function.

Thanks in advance.

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