The world’s #environmental problems are literally our doing and we are perfectly capable of fixing them, but our collective sense of responsibility and accountability is shameful.

The world’s environmental problems are literally our doing and we are perfectly capable of fixing them, but our collective sense of responsibility and accountability is shameful.

Technological advancements have allowed humanity’s greed to flourish in devastating ways. We’ve been increasingly changing the earth and ecosystems since the dawn of our species, but in the last hundred years it’s exploded to absolutely unacceptable proportions. We’ve somehow convinced ourselves that it is normal and ethical to engage in a countless list of dangerous lifestyle choices, including:

> Using as much gas, water, and power as we possibly desire. Idle in your car while you wait for your fries? No one cares. Shower for 30 minutes every time? No one cares.

>Buying things that we DON’T NEED. It’s frighteningly accepted to spoil yourself rotten by any means necessary – clothes, huge home, cosmetics, games, decor, random junk. All of these things have an environmental cost associated with their production and transport, which adds up to be massive. But we’ve convinced ourselves that these things don’t matter and we have this terribly greedy attitude like ‘if you can afford it, it’s your right to buy it’. No asshole. Just cause you can doesn’t mean you should.

We’ve created a world where it’s become normal to consume whatever you want, whenever you want. An enormous majority of our environment’s destruction is directly sourced from our selfish habits and desires. There is absolutely zero sense of people holding each other accountable for their carbon footprint or lifestyle choices, because people are too cowardly to confront each other, and we have this twisted idea that people are entitled to make whatever choices they want to. It’s WRONG. People looove to get on their high horse and complain about our world’s problems, but as individuals we directly fund these issues every single day. Every single time you go to McDonald’s, you are literally paying to damage the earth. Every time you buy something wrapped in plastic that you throw away a day later (i.e. MOST food), you are directly contributing to pollution, carbon emissions, deforestation, ETC ETC ETC.

And the dumbest part is, we are still waiting for some miracle in politics or technology to save us. But the answers are right before our eyes. It’s about making changes on an individual level. Yes corporations are responsible too, but WE SUPPORT THEM. So it’s hypocritical to criticize them! McDonald’s still, in 2019, does almost nothing to reduce its carbon footprint despite an enormous wealth of alternatives. Their food comes in unnecessary disposable plastic, when we HAVE solutions. But it simply doesn’t change, why? Because every single day, god knows how many millions of people walk through those doors and give them their money for a product that we all know is of sub-par quality. So of course McDonald’s will never change. We fund them, we make it possible. If we all stopped going there, and said “yeah I don’t go to McDonald’s because their food is gross and they are not doing enough to mitigate their carbon footprint” guess what? In no time, McDonald’s would find a way to give you a better quality product, with a lower carbon footprint, for the EXACT SAME PRICE. Because they only give us the minimum of what we expect. So if you raise your expectations, the WORLD WILL CHANGE. But no, just keep insisting that it’s ‘fine’ and take your lazy ass through that drive through for the thousandth time. And that’s just one small small example.

Every individual has a direct carbon footprint associated with their existence. Every one of us has used a certain number of gallons of gas and water, has bought a certain number of tons of meat and plastic, has used a certain number of sheets of paper, ETC. With everything the world and its species is suffering, that BLOOD IS ON OUR HANDS. We should be absolutely ashamed of our unbridled avarice and we need to make drastic changes immediately.

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