Product design student seeking insight on project catered to medical #Marijuana patients

Product design student seeking insight on project catered to medical marijuana patients

Hey y’all. I am a design student taking a class focusing on accessibility. I was intrigued with the cannabis market and genuinely wondered what are some issues medical marijuana patients find with the tools used to consume cannabis. I know that marijuana is used to treat a range of physical and mental conditions, and was wondering if I could get your input on how to make your consumption experience better. Some products I have looked at that intrigue me are the pax vaporizers and the Hydrology 9 water filtration vaporizer. I feel like these products promote a safe and easier consumption experience which I am trying to do as well. I am not limited to just smoking but all sorts of consumption methods ranging from edibles to CBD patches.

Some general questions I have:

What are the most popular consumption methods for different conditions in this community?

What conditions do you personally have and how do you treat it? Do you have difficulties using these products?

Where do you see the medical marijuana industry trending towards to in terms of products used to consume cannabis?

What are products that you use that you feel are well designed and have a good experience using?

If you have any other sort of input or ideas that are related to what I am doing, please share because I am sure there are questions I am not asking. Thank you all so much!

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