KFC Debuted Plant-Based ‘Chicken’ & Sold Out In 5 Hours

KFC Debuted Plant-Based ‘Chicken’ & Sold Out In 5 Hours

Yesterday, KFC debuted its plant-based chicken, Beyond Fried Chicken, at a single Atlanta, Georgia restaurant. This product was developed in partnership with Beyond Meat and could be ordered in two varieties: wings or nuggets.

Why is this news? Well, if you’ve been following the mainstream growth of plant-based diets, you know that this is not the first partnership of its kind. Beyond Meat has hit the market in partnership with A&W, Tim Hortons, Burger King, Subway, and now perhaps due to its popularity – KFC as well.

This event was really a test to see if they (KFC) should expand distribution as part of an official menu addition across the board, and based on the response am sure we will start to see this vegan option availability spread like wildfire.

Below are some captures from customers in Atlanta yesterday:

Despite the rain, reports from social media say the line of cars was more than a mile long and double-looped around the block. Videos show people waiting for an hour or more to get a taste of this new product and support the movement.

The Takeaway

Let’s start with the obvious question, ‘But is it healthy?’ Well, not really, and that’s not really why people go to fast-food restaurants either. The truth of the matter is, for something to be truly healthy it would have to be holistic in its entirety, meaning that it would be a whole-food, unprocessed. This is why health proponents are focusing on ‘whole food plant-based diets’ not just plant-based diets.

Regardless of diet preference, it is nice to see people opening up to the idea that we do not need to consume animals to indulge every now and then. With more and more companies and establishments seeing the demand for plant-based items, we are now seeing more options at our local restaurants, fast-food chains, and grocery stores offering similar products to those we grew up on with like taste and texture – without the need for an animal to die for us to enjoy the meal.

On top of that, it requires 99% less water, 93% less land, and 90%  fewer greenhouse gas emissions, and 46% less energy to make Beyond Meat products when compared to a beef product.

So the key is, this is not meant to replace every meal, nor is it really a health food, but it is a replacement for people that are looking to venture into changing their diet. The key for people moving forward is, helping to next open up culture to ‘whole food plant-based diets’ as moves like this open people’s minds a bit.

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