Linus #Tech Tips Newest Video Has A Lot Of Bad #Privacy Advice

Linus Tech Tips Newest Video Has A Lot Of Bad Privacy Advice

He tells you to add extra extensions to Tor browser without any mention that this is a bad idea and can make your fingerprint unique.


He tells you that to be more secure/private that you should use a VPN with Tor, not true at all. Tor is fine by itself. The Tor devs recommend against using one. He should have mentioned that if you are in a country that blocks Tor usage, you should use a Tor bridge.


Aside from adjusting the security slider (he never mentioned anything about setting security to the max for the best privacy and security), nothing else in tor should be modified. He also doesn’t mention why it is bad to change/maximize your window size. It’s like he read none of the documentation.

As far as clearnet browsing with (or without) a VPN goes he never mentioned blocking third party cookies, using container tabs, or modifying about:config for things like dns over https, canvas fingerprint blocking, first party isolation, etc. He should have also mentioned using a virtual credit card ( to make online purchases to protect your payment information in case of a data breach.

He also forgot to mention that your IP can be revealed through webRTC, Javascript, and Flash.

A VPN won’t protect you from being uniquely identified and fingerprinted if they can track you in multiple other ways that he failed to address, the most obvious is through your unique canvas fingerprint or cookies you didn’t delete from the last browsing session in which you didn’t use a VPN. This was just a stupid advertisement for his sponsor.

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