Father Went Missing Downtown Chicago. Get This Post Front To Front Page To Help Find Him

Father Went Missing Downtown Chicago. Get This Post Front To Front Page To Help Find Him

I took my parents to Chicago Friday night and stayed at a Marriott on the Magnificent Mile. I got a room for my parents and one for myself. We were in town for my father’s mom’s funeral. My father has early signs of dementia and he is on several medications.

Around 7:30am. my father stepped outside of the hotel to smoke a cigarette (upon my mother’s approval which I am still frustrated with), and has not been found since. I have filed a missings report with CPD, but they have not been helpful at all. I understand it is a big city, but I am pretty sure they are just waiting for him to pop up. I am very concerned, because he has not had his medications. He does have seizures and I am afraid he may have had one or passed out somewhere downtown.

I personally walked 12-15 hours yesterday all around downtown looking for him. After the funeral, some of the family came downtown to help search, but we have not been able to find anything. I have left numbers at the homeless shelters in that area as well as the hospitals. Please upvote this to help me find him. I left pictures on this post. He was wearing an all black suit with a black hat. The first picture shows exactly what he was wearing. I know it is blurry. Please Chicago, help!

TL;DR My father went missing on the magnificent mile. He stepped outside of the hotel and has not been found after 35 hours. He has dementia and I am very concerned regarding his well-being.

https://imgur.com/SWRW3XU https://imgur.com/EIByOfe

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