I Hate Liberals when discussing “Free Speech”

I Hate Liberals when discussing “Free Speech”

No, this is not a troll. Hear me out. I have debated with many in my time yet I have only found 2 people with Liberal views that I can reasonably discuss with. Now I obviously know that not all liberals are rage-fuelled maniacs with a passion to hate anyone who disagrees, but it just can’t be ignored that there are so many that are like this. An example of this was of my co-worker, let’s call her Brenda. Brenda and I were debating what the difference between hate speech and free speech, when I brought up that discussing the negative aspects of immigration in a respectful way was categorised under free speech she went off in one claiming I was a racist and that it was hate speech. I have had at least 3-5 other encounters like this in the past month ALONE. With no intent to offend anybody, is it to do with upbringing, a general mindset, or am I being unfair and it’s simply a coincidence? Any advice is welcome so long as it’s respectful.

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