Libraries of things: does your community have one?

Libraries of things: does your community have one?

Enter the Library of Things. Need to trim a tree limb? Come check out a pole saw. Have family visiting with a small child? Come check out our portable toddler bed, our play pen, or our booster seat for your dining room table. Having a party? We have a pre-loaded karaoke machine and yard games like horseshoes, bean bag toss, and ladder toss. Want to try out camping but not sure that you are quite ready to commit? Check out our four-person tent and camping lanterns. Other items include yard tools, a pressure washer, a ukulele, badminton, stud finder, laser level, caulking gun, extension pole for painting, adult and child life vests, telescoping extension ladder (it will fit in the trunk of your car!), tools for digitizing VHS and cassette tapes, and so much more.

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