Solar Eclipse In Cancer: Cultivating Empathy

Solar Eclipse In Cancer: Cultivating Empathy

We are having a Total Solar Eclipse in Cancer which happens on July 2nd in the Western world and July 3rd in the East. It will be visible from the majority of South America as well as Panama and Costa Rica. The path of totality will cross over parts of Chile and Argentina which is where the Sun will be completely covered by the Moon. It will appear as a partial eclipse in the other locations mentioned.

A Solar Eclipse is a supercharged New Moon which influences a longer term period then a regular New Moon. This one marks the beginning of this eclipse season which happens every 6 months. This is when we have a New Moon and a Full Moon occur near the Lunar Nodes, which is where the path of the Sun and Moon meet from our perspective on Earth. It will be followed by a Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn on July 16th/17th. (Join my mailing list here to get my article on the next eclipse and other content).

Solar Eclipses reflect changes and shifts which affect the 6 months following and could also influence up to 6 weeks prior. You may or may not see the effects of it around the time it occurs, but you may feel it and then see it actually play out in the weeks or months following.

However, each Lunar Node period lasts approximately 2 years which is when we have a series of eclipses re-occurring in the same signs, therefore some of the related themes that are playing out could last that long. The Lunar Nodes moved into the Cancer-Capricorn polarity in November 2018 and will be there until Spring 2020. However, this eclipse is the most potent one in Cancer of this process. The final eclipses in Cancer-Capricorn will occur in the Summer of 2020 and will influence the following months.

The positions of the Eclipses and the Nodes reflect an evolutionary process in how we work with the energies of these signs. What results from this series of eclipses will have longer-term effects even beyond this period.

Solar Eclipse In Cancer Opposite Saturn and Trine Neptune

The shifts reflected in this eclipse and upcoming ones influencing us until late 2020 are connected to Cancerian energy. As a water sign, Cancer is associated with emotion, feelings, and intuition.

It is about nurturing, sensitivity, bonding, family, domestic life, security, comforts, and nostalgia. It is instinctual and protective yet can also be vulnerable, insecure, smothering, subjective, clingy, overly emotional, and attached to the past.

This eclipse opposes Saturn in Capricorn which is aligned with the South Node. Generally, we can be going through a period in which we may experience challenges and obstacles that  may be connected to ambitions, career, responsibilities, business, structures, boundaries, or social status. This will be strong until early Fall but could also play out longer in some cases. This energy will also be triggered on July 9th.

These challenges that can be coming up are likely going to help to facilitate some sort of endings or release that will unfold over the coming months. This eclipse shows that the changes and evolution in how we express Cancerian energy in new ways can be connected to how these obstacles affect us.

Alternatively, we may also experience a push-pull between mundane responsibilities and emotional needs. There may be challenges when it comes to balancing both, however, it can also be about integrating more Cancerian energy into our ambitions as well.

The eclipse is also in a trine with Neptune. Although the Saturn influence can reflect obstacles and challenges, Neptune in the equation can bring a theme of compassion, empathy, inspiration, selflessness, and oneness. Our intuitions can be stronger than normal and it can also be great for creative and spiritual pursuits. This will be strong from July 10th-11th.

Mercury Going Retrograde Soon, Mars Aspecting Mercury, Uranus and Chiron

Mercury will be going retrograde on July 7th/8th for three and a half weeks. It will begin in Leo but will mostly be in Cancer. This emphasizes some sort of reorientation of how we express the energies of this sign as also indicated by the Eclipse. Issues of the past may resurface to help address this and it will be a period in which we can see things in a different way.

Mars enters Leo less than a day prior to this eclipse and will join Mercury from July 7th-9th as it begins its retrograde. The beginning of retrogrades generally have more complications, and having Mars there can amplify the potential of irritability. We could have a tendency to make hurried decisions and it would be wise to not do so if there is risk involved.

Our thoughts, communications, and even commuting can have more of an aggressive tone and there can also be ego based conflicts. The best way to utilize this is to use our drive and revisit some sort of creative effort or self-expression. Issues pertaining to romance, sex, or children may also come up for some people.

From July 10th-12th, Mars will be in a square with Uranus and trine with Chiron. At best this can be good for actions that are innovative, unconventional, or holistically oriented. However, we may also experience disruptions and changes and would need to be flexible.

Although there will be a harmonious Neptune influence (mentioned above) at the same time, there can also be potential to feel rebellious and impulsive. Considering the retrograde, we need to be cautious about our actions. If something comes up that we want to change, make sure it feels right inside.

Things To Consider

Keep in mind that Eclipses are different than regular New Moons and they are not necessarily a time to be making intentions. It is best to just try to tune into it and pay attention to your feelings and what is coming up to help you in navigating the upcoming months to serve you in your personal evolution. The themes of the Eclipse will be connected to Cancerian energies, however, it also depends on how it is interacting with your personal astrology chart based on the day and time of your birth.

Here are some suggestions of things that you can be considering at this time. Do you need to be more empathic in how you relate with others? Have you been suppressing your emotional energy and feelings? If so, what problems has it been creating for you and what are possible solutions? Do you have comforts or addictions that are getting in the way? Do you need to be more nurturing and caring? Do you need to put more attention towards family, loved ones, or domestic life? Is the fear of being vulnerable inhibiting your growth, healing, or needed experiences?

The Eclipse will peak in Totality at 7:23pm and will begin just 2.5 hours prior. The exact time of this New Moon will be at 7:16pm Universal Time. You can click here to see what that is in your time zone.

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