Adult Use is Dead in NY but there’s hope for #Prisoners and medical patients

Adult Use is Dead in NY but there’s hope for prisoners and medical patients

The recreational use bill is dead. Krueger has come out and said so.

They are currently scrambling to work out a “Plan B” for cannabis law though, that would (to the best of my ability to determine since none of the amendments to those bills have been printed yet):

1) Allow sale of flower and flower products to medical patients, and change the certification process to allow ANY PRACTITIONER who can legally prescribe controlled substances to certify patients FOR ANY REASON. It will hopefully also expand the licensing in the state to allow more companies and dispensaries in. This would make the eventual transition to legalization MUCH EASIER

2) Get some poor damn people out of fucking prison. Jesus for christ sake just do this already oh my god.

You can help! Call your Senator and Assembly Member!


Don’t email, don’t click a petition button, call them. I have done some citizen lobbying with the help of a pro lobbyist. Here is a secret he told me: It takes *very few phone calls* at the state level to get a reps interest and attention. If just 20 people call all of them this is probably *a done deal*.


Assembly Members:

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