How do you feel about a subreddit for medical psilocybin?

How do you feel about a subreddit for medical psilocybin?

I’m writing a research paper on legalizing psilocybin and am impressed with all the things it may help with and the positive impact it could have on society. Among the conditions were OCD, addiction to tobacco, alcohol, and possibly cocaine, treatment resistant depression, and cluster headaches. One in particular stood out because it reminded me of the beginning of medical cannabis legalization. There was a study done on people diagnosed with late stage cancer and psilocybin was found to reduce anxiety and depression while improving their disposition about death and overall quality of life. I couldn’t help but think of Angel Raich, Tommy Chong, and other prominent medical marijuana advocates who fought and fight cancer.

My home state of Oregon is likely going to have a ballot initiative next year to establish a medical system for people to use psilocybin mushrooms under the care of a therapist and I think it is the beginning of the end for psilocybin prohibition. Would any of you have any interest in subscribing to and helping with a medical psilocybin sub?

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