Please help me figure out what you need

Please help me figure out what you need

Hello, I’m an aspiring entrepreneur that wants to make a ridiculous impact some day. I want to spark whatever it takes to get the world on the right track in terms of sustainability within my lifetime and I’m willing to connect with others in order to do that.

I’ve been trying (for literally years) to create a product that would serve people like you, who care about the fate out our world. I’ve been wildly unsuccessful, but I will literally never stop trying to push for near 100% sustainability until the day I die. So, it would really help if you shared your thoughts with me today. Genuine constructive feedback would be greatly appreciated!

The problem?

This is how I see it. We are not really all coordinated in a way that allows us to make necessary changes to the way our society works.

What do I propose?

Create a way that we can ALL take part in the solution. There’s always something a person can do to make a difference, and we should figure out how to harness the strengths of each person and leverage them to create solutions.

This is a strange example and I’m going to age myself, but do you remember how Power Rangers used to combine into one big creature in order to fight whatever big monster they were facing? Or how Planeteers would combine powers to summon Captain Planet to save the day? Well, that’s pretty much what we have to do.

None of us have our eyes on the whole big picture. We need to unite globally when needed… locally some times, and nationally at others, but we need the mechanism in order to do that, and that’s what I’m trying to build.

Each of us holds a piece of the puzzle, whether it be material resources or intellectual contributions, all of us carry insight into these problems and possess the hands that it will take to move these mountains.

I suggest we try to get as many people on board as possible.

But for now I have to just start with one.

What do you think about the premise of my proposition?

Do you think it would beneficial if there were some type of thing that would connect us all and allow us to connect to the same plan of action to take on the challenges of the coming decades?

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