Atomic bombs destroyed this paradise

Atomic bombs destroyed this paradise
Atomic bombs destroyed this paradise

The US conducted 67 nuclear bomb tests in the Marshall Islands after World War II, including Castle Bravo on Bikini Island – the largest nuclear device ever exploded by the US. The testing destroyed the lives of the local residents who can never return to their island home. Klaus travels to the Marshall Islands to learn about the legacy of the US nuclear testing, and hear what the residents hope for the future. He meets one of the caretakers of Bikini Island, still uninhabitable decades after the tests. Through wreck diving, he encounters the thriving coral reef among what’s left of the Navy ships used in the tests.

Thank you to
Jack Niedenthal, Secretary of Health & Human Services for the Marshall Islands
Stephen Palumbi, professor of biology at Stanford
for speaking to us for this story.


Jack Nidenthal’s Bikini Atoll website has a lot of historical information from a local perspective:

Stanford professor Stephen Palumbi is studying the long term impact of radiation on Bikini’s land and water

‘Quite odd’: coral and fish thrive on Bikini Atoll 70 years after nuclear tests

Brief History of Nuclear Testing in the Marshall Islands

A ground zero forgotten

America at the Atomic Crossroads


Producer: Klaus Thymann
Camera: Klaus Thymann
Editors: Nick Blatt, Kevin Tadge
Supervising Producer: Allison Brown

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