Getting my personal #Data out of #Facebook – I left #Facebook, and all I got was this lousy legalese.

Getting my personal data out of facebook – I left Facebook, and all I got was this lousy legalese.

In January 2019, I closed my Facebook account because it was no longer of any professional use to me. As a European citizen, the GDPR directive gives me the right to request the data Facebook has about me, and ask for its deletion. Unsurprisingly living up to its reputation, Facebook refuses to comply with my GDPR Subject Access Requests in an appropriate manner. This page is tracking my communication with Facebook and their responses, with the aim of attracting attention to their unlawful practices and fixing the process for everyone. It provides interesting insights into the curious “legal” maneuvers by Facebook, and would at times even be funny—if only it wasn’t so sad.

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