1st Tennessee #Hemp farmer

1st Tennessee hemp farmer

Hello all hemp lovers!! Our TN farm is dipping a toe for an experimental 1 acre this year. We’re going to be planting with buckwheat and sunflowers as added intercropping for natural pest control. Also a large pond and pump will be our irrigation. Our female seedlings are from a HGH seed grower…cherry wine is one of the strains we will be growing!

My question is with planting 1,500 plants this year with buckwheat and other “trap crops” mixed in…all within a deer fence..what can I expect to cash in on roughly 2,500-3,000Ibs of flower…if each of my plants produces 1-1.5Ibs of flower for CBD? I have no buyer as of now…really going into this as a learning experience my first year. I don’t expect to make much…

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