If you care about your #Privacy, then using Chrome/Edge browser is a terrible, terrible mistake.

If you care about your privacy, then using Chrome/Edge browser is a terrible, terrible mistake.

Chrome/Edge are marketing arms of Google/Microsoft respectively. I’m sure many people here use chrome with various privacy addon’s installed with the naive belief that they are protecting themselves. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Google Chrome makes many dubious connections to google servers every time you open it (not to mention the super-cookie Google sets in every chrome browser). This can be verified with Little Snitch and other reverse firewall kernel-extensions. What data is actually being sent is very hard to tell. One such site Chrome really likes to connect to is redirector.gvt1.com (someone may explain why), along with various other servers without a hostname at all, just random google ip’s.

If you care about privacy, you should be using Firefox or a Firefox derivative which now are just as fast as Chrome. If you simply cannot stomach leaving the Chrome ecosystem then install Chromium, which is the open source equivalent (although some technical understanding will be required to use it for video streaming etc). Chrome out of the box was designed with the purpose of generating more data for Google.

So make a real difference, and stop using Google’s proprietary browser.

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