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Hello fellow vulnerability voyagers, shellcode sommeliers, exploit enthusiasts, and all you other nerds with a penchant for thinking like the bad guy! It’s a me, your favorite banhammer wielding asshole. You probably know me from my greatest hits, such as “this doesn’t belong here” and “what the fuck were you thinking?” If you haven’t seen me, my name is over there —-> and I’m mostly responsible for removing those shitty hacking tutorials you’ve probably seen.


I thought it was about time for an update to our stickied post, because it seems like a number of frequent submitters have not really paid attention to the rules. First and foremost, this is a hacker subreddit, NOT an infosec subreddit. There are also a number of cases where submitted videos are not explicitly against the rules (cough cough hack the box) but are not really what’s meant for this subreddit and are usually just people spam posting the same video across every “hacking” subreddit they see, reaping in that sweet sweet karma. So I guess that’s what this post is really about: HACK THE BOX VIDEOS WILL BE AUTOMAGICALLY REMOVED FROM NOW ON. If you’d like to see more hack the box videos or you have questions about hack the box, check our /r/hackthebox. They will be much more accommodating than we are. 🙂


Instead of blindly posting hack the box walkthroughs, I encourage you to find the interesting and novel bits from the walkthrough and start a thoughtful discussion about those tools and techniques. You’re much less likely to get banned that way. Or maybe ask about ways to learn more about specific thing, and show us what you’ve already found about that thing so that we know you’re not treating us like your own personal google.


If you are a fan of the text based internet relay chatting, you can join us over SSL at in channel #blackhat. Alternatively, you can join us via tor @ techh4xuun5r2a62.onion. If you’ve never internet relay chatted before, you might consider checking us out via our web irc at It’s highly advised to use our own web irc instead of other platforms like mibbit, as ours explicitly doesn’t leak your connecting IP address to the whole channel. Also, the “I” in IRC does not stand for “Instant.” If you join, say hey, and then quit a minute later because no one responded, we will make fun of you after you leave.


Please read the rules before submitting your post.


  • Be excellent to each other.
  • Stay on topic. Vulnerabilities, exploits, evading countermeasures, or just general hacker etiquette / culture / rules.
  • Don’t self-incriminate. We don’t want our subreddit being referred to as “Exhibit A.”
  • Pick a good title. We won’t be all Linus on you if your title is longer than 50 characters, but maybe we will if it’s been a bad day.
  • Do not post non-technical articles. This includes marketing fluff, news articles that are just scare pieces, broad descriptions of a tool that you just discovered on your new kali install, etc.
  • Ideally, the content should be original, we don’t care about your crappy ARP poisoner or Kaspersky’s latest scam.
  • No pay / signup walls.
  • If the site is using my CPU to mine mythical magical internet money, it will be banned.
  • No “Please hack X” posts
  • Well thought out and researched questions / answers only. (No “How do I hack X” posts)
  • Any non-free / non-open-source projects will be removed
  • Please refrain from spamming top-level posts. If you posted your blog yesterday, maybe don’t post it again today unless it’s really super cool new research that you didn’t post yesterday.
  • Videos of cyberpunk music, copying and pasting commands into terminals, and typing to me in a notepad document will be removed.
  • Walkthroughs or guides to hack the box, vulnhub, overthewire, smashthestack, and other wargame or CTF type things will be removed.

Our mods (especially me) are ban-happy, you have been warned.

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