Lykke made my 600$ disappear…

Lykke made my 600$ disappear…
Lykke made my 600$ disappear...

I’m not a native English speaker so it’s hard and time demanding to write my story about Lykke, but I think it’s important that everybody knows so no one else will make the same mistake ever.

I used Lykke one year ago to exchange 2000$ in ETH and then moved it to Binance. Everything was good back then, paid with my Mastercard, fast transfers, fast support, and in 2 days I had money in Crypto.

Obviously, I managed to buy very very high, and last month I realized that I was down more than 80%. I thought: “No Panic, blockchain is the future, let’s buy some more!” and my problems with Lykke began…

First, I tried to pay with my Mastercard and everything got stuck in a very weird way. I didn’t know what was going on. Lykke’s customer support Vera Romanova explained:

“We regret to inform you about recent changes applied by MasterCard regarding card processing. Starting October, 12th we will no longer be able to offer you deposits via Mastercard…. As a workaround, I will suggest you to perform a deposit with a Visa credit card or a SWIFT transfer.”

Probably MasterCard decided to stop working with a company that makes money disappear!

This was happening December 7, ETH was at 86USD and I really wanted to buy some more. I decided to bank transfer 600$. (I attach here the bank transfer confirmation to prove what I’m saying)

Days passed by, Lykke didn’t add my money in my account, ETH began to rise, and I started freaking out.

Read yourself some of the messages between Lykke and me:

Lykke Dec 11“Our Finance team informed that your payment has not been received yet.”

Lykke Dec 17 – “I have asked our Finance team to check twice and no transaction has arrived from your bank to our bank. I strongly advise you to request your bank the proof of the transaction. Banks have a way to perform a SWIFT investigation to find out where the funds are.”

Adrin Dec 19 – “I’ve spoken with my bank and they say the transaction as arrived. For you to verify the transaction, they gave me the TRN number 100012636.… With this number your financial team should be able to quickly find my money!”

Lykke Dec 19“After confirming with our Finance team, no transaction has arrived and the TRN number does not reveal any information as they cannot perform searches on the SWIFT system based on the TRN number.”

Adrin Dec 25“Here is a copy of the original payment SWIFT message (MT 103) of my 600USD payment. No more excuses, as you can see in line 32A, you had my money since the 18th December and I would like to have it added to my account ASAP.”

Lykke Dec 27 – “This case is truly beyond our comprehension, as there has been no transaction on December 18th or after matching your SWIFT confirmation details. I highly recommend you to ask your bank to claim the funds back. Swift transactions have a way to claim the funds back…”

At this point, I called my bank and claimed my 600$ back, unfortunately Lykke Corp must accept my request in order to have it added again to my account.

10 more days are gone, today it’s January 7th and I wanted to exchange 600$ in ETH one month ago at 85$, not tomorrow at 160$. I’m not wealthy and I don’t have 600$ more, I can’t buy Crypto if I don’t get my money back from Lykke.

This community is my last hope, please up-vote this post so everybody can be aware of the risks of Lykke and decide if it’s really the best choice to send them money….

Thank you!

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