Consulted with my doctor today about medicinal use for anxiety

Consulted with my doctor today about medicinal use for anxiety

For years I have suffered from anxiety attacks. The said doctor I goto has tried about every drug there is to supposedly “Fix” the problem. From Celexa, Paxil and just recently Zoloft. I have had nothing but negative effects from these drugs. the negatives definitely outweigh the positives.

I went to see my doctor today and brought up the idea of using MMJ. (I am in Missouri, recently passed for MMJ)

He seemed to think I was joking and went on about how the placebo effect is a glorious thing, but it’s not a realistic treatment to use MMJ for anxiety. He went on to talk about more serious cases like seizures, nerve pain, and cancer recovery. At least he agrees there is some benefit with MMJ, but I was a little concerned with his response about a placebo effect. I have recently used CBD with little to no THC and it seemed to help my anxiety quite a bit. I have heard from others and it has helped them as well. I would like to go legal with a card but I don’t think this is going to way I would expect it to.

I could just use some guidance, what should I have to do here? Should I try to convince the doctor I have been going to for years? Or drop him and find another physician that actually understands the benefits to MMJ. (But how do I find one?)

Thank you for any responses!

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