Brewers and Bankers of Ireland

Brewers and Bankers of Ireland

The Guinness family are a powerful Anglo-Irish bloodline. They own the Guinness beer company, were members of the UK Parliament, and also bankers that established Guinness Mahon Bank which they later sold off. The Guinness brewing business was involved in rigging the stock market known as the Guinness share-trading fraud however only the executives were arrested and not the family owners. J Rothschild Holdings was involved with the insider trading but were not charged with any crimes. The Guinness family have intermarried with the Furstenberg and Rothschild families and do business with the British Rothschild branch. Jonathan Guinness is a British Peer and worked as a banker. Patrick Guinness is a Catholic Knight of St. Lazarus and holds a claim to the title of Kingdom of Jerusalem which makes him high level. Patrick Guinness is involved in blood trafficking like many distillers involved with royalty. Many members of royalty and nobility are involved in drinking adrenaline filled human blood. Patrick Guinness holds the title of Count of Neuchatel, Switzerland. Some of these Irish clans are working with both the Catholic Vatican and Protestant British Crown. Members of the Guinness family include Arthur Edward Rory Guinness the 4th Earl of Iveagh, Kenelm Edward Lee Guinness the 5th Baron of Ashford, Sir John Ralph Sidney Guinness, the very evil Desmond Guinness, Jonathan Guinness the 3rd Baron of Moyne, Daphne Guinness, Aster Guinness, Valentine Guinness and his ex wife and witch Lulu Guinness who is insanely evil, as well as Tom Guinness. Baron Ken Maginnis of Drumglass is a British politician, baron, and former soldier. The Guinness family branched off from the Maginnis clan. The Guinness Partnership founded by Edward Guinness the 1st Earl of Iveagh is a subsidized housing company that owns 65,000 homes in England. This is modernized form of feudalism. Wealthy families conspire together to monopolize wealth, land, and industry and then provide small homes for the people they are oppressing and call it charity. The right thing to do is to lock up these criminals and seize their monopolized wealth and assets obtained through fraudulency to be distributed among the people they are oppressing.

The Hennessy family is influential Irish bloodline. The banker Edward L Hennessy Jr. was a financial adviser for the Vatican, Roman Knight of Malta, Papal Knight of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre, and a Papal Knight of St Gregory. Edward Hennessy Jr was also the director of Lockheed Martin, Traveler’s Insurance Company, Automatic Data Processing, New York Stock Exchange, Union Texas Petroleum Corporation, the United Way of Tri-State, the Coast Guard Academy Foundation, Inc., DNA Plant Technology Corporation, the National Association of Manufacturers, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, and the United States Export and Import Bank. John Leroy Hennessy is called the “Godfather of Silicon Valley” and he is a board member for Google, Cisco Systems, and Atheros Communications. He was a president of Stanford University. Matthew Hennessy is an Irish computer scientist involved with coding. John Pope Hennessy was an Irish and British politician who was the Governor of Hong Kong during British rule. The Hennessy family own Jas Hennessy & Co the largest producer of Cognac in the world. They merged their Cognac business with Moet et Chandon champagne and created Moet Hennessy and Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton which is ran by Bernard Arnault who is worth about 37 billion. Bernard Arnault does business in London and with Diageo which partly owns LVMH and Hennessy and produces Guinness from London. Bernad Arnault is a Knight of the British Empire so he can do business in London. Bernard Arnault serves the House of Bonaparte as Grand Officer of the French Legion of Honour which was established by the still existing House of Bonaparte and they are serving Rome. Jean Hennessy was a French politician descended from the branch that created Hennessy Cognac and also part of a French political dynasty. Jean Hennessy appears to be the father of Kilian Hennessy who merged Hennessy with Moot et Chandon champagne. Patrick Hennessy ran Ford Motor Company in London for decades. John Hennessey created the well known Hennessey Performance Engineering in Texas.

The Bailey Family are another Anglo-Irish bloodline involved in British banking as well as a political family in the United States and United Kingdom. The Bailey family are British Peers as the Barons of Glanusk. Andrew John Bailey has been Chief Cashier at the Bank of England and is currently Chief Executive of the Financial Conduct Authority. Alan Bailey is a Knight of the Order of the Bath and worked for Her Majesty’s Treasury. Alice Bailey was an occultist and developer of the New Age religion as well as the co-founder along with her husband Foster Bailey of Lucifer Publishing Company later renamed Lucis Trust. Lucis Trust finances occultic teachings. Many videos promoting the occult on the internet are financed by Lucis Trust. They are financing Luciferian cults fronted as “seminars” around the world and have operations in the United Kingdom, United States, Switzerland, and the Netherlands. The Lucis Trust has Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations. There is an extremely evil and ruthless child murdering satanic witch in my region named Jamie Cahill-Bailey and she is married into this family. There are dozens of British and American politicians with the name Bailey through out the centuries. Bailey’s Irish Cream is a popular cream liqueur owned by Diageo which was partly created and owned by Guinness. Bailey’s Irish Cream is named after the Bailey’s Hotel and its owner James Bailey. Mansfield Brewery was an English brewery established by William Edward Baily and was bought by Marston’s Brewery which has over 1700 pubs in the UK with yearly profits of over 20 million. Anthony Bailey is a delegate for the Bourbon-Two Sicilies Constantinian Military Order of Saint George, Knight of the British Empire, and Vatican Knight. Anthony Bailey works in public relations, politics, and charities and his wife Marie-Therese von Hohenberg is of Austrian nobility. Thomas H. Bailey who is worth over 1 billion founded Janus Capital Group which is now Janus Henderson operating from the City of London headed up by the British knight Richard Gillingwater with manage assets at over 300 billion.

Patrick Guinness has one of the highest authorities in Ireland

John Hennessy is a top authority over Silicon Valley

Anthony Bailey

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