There’s no way in hell that ISIS Just Attacked the “Capitale De Noel” in France

There’s no way in hell that ISIS Just Attacked the “Capitale De Noel” in France

Just when the entire world begins to see unity among the French people, both the left and the right of the political divide, unanimously rejecting their globalist overlords, ISIS reportedly comes and attacks the capital of Noel in France, giving a much needed lifeline to the globalist pedigree Macron.

Yeah right. Bullshit. ISIS is supposedly this radical group hell bent on destroying the West, but in just another example of many, they come to the rescue of the globalist powers that be, which will surely result in tighter security measures against all the French people, and Macron consolidating power again over what seemingly was looking to be a purely organic uprising by all the French people.

ISIS, or any other radical Islamist group who truly wanted to destroy the West, would never attack a country that is seemingly fighting similar power structures as they were, who were on the verge of actually accomplishing this goal themselves. This would be totally against their stated goal and overall objective.

More absolute and total bullshit by the mainstream media.

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