I’ve accepted Antonopoulos’ invitation to join the Earners’ Club.

I’ve accepted Antonopoulos’ invitation to join the Earners’ Club.

When I discreetly asked my current employer if I can switch my paychecks from fiat to crypto, he only gossiped about it with my colleagues which resulted in coworkers mocking me in the halls with remarks like “Yo, I asked if my direct deposits can be made as gold bullion; keep your fingers crossed for me!”

So I started asking the open market. I want to say (out of frustration) that I must have asked 100 different corporate recruiters but really I think maybe only 15 said no before I found someone that said okay. And the irony is the new employer is one of the big banks we all know. Of course, this corporate giant isn’t officially agreeing to this. I just found a very cool person working in payroll.

This post is my little, quiet celebration that I no longer buy bitcoin but earn it. I hope to eventually replace all my billers with new ones that will accept crypto so I don’t have to bother converting any of it to fiat. But until then, I convert only enough coin, month by month, to clear mailed fiat checks.

With my wealth at rest in the security of the blockchain, my fiat bank is now only a fiat courier to me – a messenger boy that delivers small packets of fiat to people on my behalf that I owe money to who aren’t accepting payment in crypto yet. But I am my own bank from now on…and it feels good.

This is the change happening. Like how Andreas reminded us of Nokia’s blitzkrieg that devastated Kodak, more of us will continue this migration to the new world normal and, just like that, Wells Fargo will be another Blockbuster.

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