TIL about a family convicted of medical neglect and their child died. At first I was like “fuck em” but then I heard the other side of the story…

TIL about a family convicted of medical neglect and their child died. At first I was like “fuck em” but then I heard the other side of the story…

So I saw this guy on facebook livestreaming talking about the Jeromie and Jennifer Clark case. He had attended the trial.

https://m.face book.com/story.php?story_fbid=10161249504075722&id=720835721 ( here is the link which I broke into to pieces to avoid automod)

I only got a couple minutes into the video when I decided to google the names. First result:


Okay so they’re 7 Day Adventist, vegan, and the kid died of a staph infection? Yeah if you can’t figure out your kid has an infection and get him to the doctor on time, you shouldn’t have kids. Fuck em.

But then I end up clicking the video again and got distracted, so it kept playing and I happened to hear it in the background.

Turns out the first blood cultures were negative. How can they say it was systemic infection with negative blood cultures? The boy was alert in the ER but had hyponatremia, which is easily fixed as long as you don’t correct it to quickly. The doctors corrected it too quickly and the boy had a seizure and lost consciousness. Also apparently some imaging showed a thrombus in his toe or something? That’s what caused the blackened toe, but the physician ignored it because he wanted to say it was caused by staph. They said he was malnourished, but those were based on blood samples that were taken after he was dead, and after his blood had already been diluted by too much IV fluids.

Okay that’s interesting.

I kept searching online and the media sources said nothing like that. I did find this one after a lot of searching that seemed to go report some of the defense’s side of the story.


So anyway, I wasn’t at the trial and I really don’t know a whole lot about this. But I guess what I was thinking was how easily I was manipulated and almost dismissed the whole issue because I read one article. I imagine that if this was posted on mainstream Reddit, I wouldn’t even read the article, I would first click the comments, which would all corroborate the article, which doesn’t have a lot of information anyway. All the comments would be the typical Reddit hivemind, calling them crazy religious fundamentalists, and then I would come to the same conclusion which is “fuck em“, and wouldn’t even hear the other side of story ever.

Are we reaching a new age in the internet, where we have to start looking to people on livestreaming, instead of the media? Like I seriously would never have known any of this information without that guy on fb.

Just some thoughts for the day.

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