Meta | This Sub Is Going Downhill…Fast.

Meta | This Sub Is Going Downhill…Fast.

The at least cordial discourse is getting fewer & further in between. It’s a goddamn shame how much juvenile bullshit I have to plow through now when reading a thread about a product launch from Intel or Nvidia.

The RTX rumors & launch threads were a shit show. Anyone saying anything positive about Nvidia was downvoted, particularly dylan who I disagreed with a lot but still didn’t expect to see so many of his posts in the negative for no reason. It’s not the downvotes that bother me, it’s the meme style responses that followed too.

Fast forward to today. I agree that the 9900k is overpriced but holy hell these launch threads are awful. Things that shouldn’t be even remotely controversial has the cross next to it.

You people can’t discuss anything between these 3 companies without accusing someone of fanboying, bragging about switching to x before y happened, posting lame “but muh ______” memes to try to discredit number based arguments, downvoting anything that goes against the grain, outright insulting each other, fuck the list goes on & on.

This community needs to get a grip. I used to come here because the company particular subs are all plagued with this nonsense. I thought I could come here to escape it but it’s spilled everywhere & it’s getting worse.

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