Business I work for doesn’t recycle very much

Business I work for doesn’t recycle very much

So, I work for a coffee shop, and at my store we throw away a lot of plastic, paper, and other things that Im pretty sure can be recycled. Its always bothered me, but i recently brought it up to my store manager that we should be recycling those things. She told me it was a good idea and that if I can help her figure out how to do it all then we can start recycling those things.

So here’s our current situation:

We have 2 dumpsters in the back: 1 recycling for cardboard boxes and stuff like that, and another for waste (which includes plastic milk cartons, bottles, papers etc…)

So, how do I proceed? Do I call and ask the city for an extra dumpster? Or should we have all been throwing the plastics and papers in with the cardboards all along (which we werent trained to do by a manager who has since been replaced)?

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