The Archbishop Currently Exposing Vatican Pedophilia Fears For His Life & Flees The Country

The Archbishop Currently Exposing Vatican Pedophilia Fears For His Life & Flees The Country

A high-ranking Vatican Official, Carlo Maria Vigano, former Apostolic Nuncio to the United States and Secretary-General of the Governorate of Vatican City, recently released a huge statement implicating Pope Francis in the cover-up of sexual abuse within the Vatican. We’ve covered numerous stories of pedophilia, torture and ‘Satanic’ rituals within the Vatican; this latest disclosure of sexual abuse is the most recent to emerge, and most likely will not be the last one.

You can read in more detail about what Vigano said, and access the document in an article we released about these allegations a few days ago. The statements have been confirmed. The document offers information on “who in the hierarchy knew what, and when, about the crimes of Cardinal McCarrick.” The testimony implicates multiple high-ranking officials within the church, including Pope Francis.

Now, what’s being reported as the latest news, which is never covered (at least not appropriately) by mainstream media, is the Vigano has fled the country in fear for his life. We don’t know this for sure, but it would not be surprising. Whistleblowing is very dangerous, and the powers that be make it nearly impossible to do. If there is any way to help, it’s with more publicity. With enough publicity, a death makes it even worse for ‘them.’

GCTV Video

The claim was made by The Global Catholic Television Network, at the five minute and thirty-five-second mark in the video below.

It was also made by an Italian blogger by the name of Aldo Maria Valli, who said that the archbishop told him that he would never see him again.

He will leave the country. He cannot tell me where he is going. I am not to look for him. His old mobile phone number will no longer work. We say goodbye for the last time.

Again, these claims and this letter is hardly the tip of the iceberg, much more shocking revelations have, if you can believe, been made for decades with a lot of evidence to back them up. This is why the Vatican has already spent billions of dollars on child sexual abuse settlements. You can see more examples in the articles linked below, that go into more detail.

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