Mainstream Media Does Its Darndest To Manifest Trump’s Impeachment

Mainstream Media Does Its Darndest To Manifest Trump’s Impeachment

In the awakening community, we are learning more and more about the subversive role that mainstream media has long-held in reporting on and analyzing stories in a biased way, so as to advance a particular narrative in the hopes that it ‘catches on’ with the public, which, according to principles of Natural Law, actually gives it a better chance to manifest in the real world.

The case of reporting on Donald Trump, in general, sees this role played out in extremes — mainly because the Deep State, which controls mainstream media, seems to desperately want Donald Trump removed from power any way they can. You’ll recall early in Trump’s term there was a concerted effort made to float the idea that Donald Trump should be killed, a notion that was awkwardly rolled out in different forms by several popular celebrities including Kathy Griffin, Johhny Depp and Rosie O’Donnell. The blowback from most of the statements and images made by these people has proven those efforts to have been an abject failure.

Jumping On Manafort And Cohen Rulings

However, as a result of the conviction of former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort and the plea bargain of former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen, Mainstream Media has a new fish to fry. They could not wait to dig their hooks into this story, and tell all of their watchers what the actual implications were of these events (since viewers of mainstream media are not considered equipped to figure it out for ourselves if only provided with the facts).

Newsweek headlined a story with ‘Donald Trump Impeachment or Resigning Odds Now Almost 45 Percent After Cohen, Manafort News,’ and many mainstream outlets sought to compete or one-up this conjecture, eagerly bringing in ‘experts’ to find ways to connect these recent events to Donald Trump’s imminent demise from power. This compilation clip of mainstream broadcasts will serve to demonstrate the fixation on this idea, with the hope that somehow it gains momentum with the anti-Trump public:

Q-Anon Angle

Of course, there is an entirely different angle to this story, courtesy of Q-Anon and those who follow the anonymous postings. In the Q community it is generally considered that Robert Mueller is actually working with Donald Trump, and that the feigned antagonism between them and Donald Trump’s indignation for the investigation itself makes it very difficult for the Deep State and their mainstream media minions to gain any momentum in preventing things that they don’t want happening.

In the Q post below from June 15th, it is interesting that in response to one commentator’s plea that Paul Manafort be rescued by the president for his loyal service, Q simply responds with ‘Plants need water!’

If in fact Paul Manafort was a Deep State ‘Plant’ within the Trump campaign, and Cohen is also someone the Trump forces wanted out-of-the-way, then we are seeing the process of ‘draining the swamp’ play out right in front of our eyes, albeit in a deceptive way that would make the Deep State proud, if indeed they were not so frustrated by it.

I certainly have no way of knowing if the point of view of the Q community is accurate; however, in reading between the lines of the battle between Trump and Robert Mueller’s investigation, the only real way to make sense of it is with the understanding that there is something significant going on behind the scenes, and the Q-sponsored interpretation makes as much sense as anything else.

Mainstream Media Left To Dry

Regardless, one cannot help but feel that the now-constant ubiquity of narrative on political matters, especially those involving Donald Trump (with the general exception of Fox News, it must be said, since they are Conservative and Trump supporters) tells us that there is no longer any vitality, any ambition left in Mainstream Media to examine or uncover anything that resembles the truth. It can no longer be lost on even the writers and broadcasters of Mainstream Media that their jobs are to write within very limited guidelines and recite the self-same story to the public, at least until such a time that they no longer have anyone interested in listening.

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