Why is a #VPN considered bad in combination with Tor?

Why is a VPN considered bad in combination with Tor?

Ok guys,

I have read that very often and I already checked the arguments for it a couple of times. But I can’t get my head around it. Yes, using a unlisted bridge is of course the better way of hiding your Tor usage, but why is a VPN considered worse than a clear Tor connection via your ISPs cable?

I read everytime that using a VPN is in fact just swapping your ISP with the VPNs one. And trusting a VPN is not more secure than trusting your ISP.

But shouldn’t I get an increase when I know that my ISP is not trustworthy at all? It even operates in the same country as me, knowning my full address and so on.

My VPN on the other hand could be purchased via Bitcoin, is located in another country, “no logs policy” claim etc.

Shouldn’t be a VPN the more secure approach? (After using a bridge?)

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