I warned you about DNA testing. You didn’t listen.

I warned you about DNA testing. You didn’t listen.

About 8 months ago, I told you guys that the ultimate goal of DNA testing companies weren’t about making money from the actual tests but to build the most powerful database in the history of mankind. A complete DNA database with matching names and addresses.

Here’s the original post.


Some of you agreed. Some of you mocked me. No matter. It is all coming to be now. They already sold the database to multiple pharmaceutical companies.


Now they are selling to insurance companies who will wade through the data to eliminate high risk people from the insurance pool.


This is just the beginning. As we discover more and more about the inner workings of DNA, they will find more and more devious methods to exploit this data. Soon, you will find yourself categorized under your DNA profile.

I urge you to write to your Congressmen to make it illegal to sell this data. I urge you to call these companies and complain. This is no joke. If you didn’t take one of these tests, good for you. For those that did, I feel for you.

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