Four-Part Comprehensive Analysis On The Coming Global Economic Collapse

Four-Part Comprehensive Analysis On The Coming Global Economic Collapse

By The Outer Limits of Inner Truth Radio Show

Chris Duane describes the next financial crisis as “the largest event in human history.” An event that will impact billions of people across the planet and forever change life as we know it. It’s at our doorstep and sadly, a majority of our brothers & sisters can’t see it. Our all-star lineup of experts will reveal why this collapse is going to happen and how you can prepare for it.

Here’s a quick definition of an economic collapse: A complete breakdown of a national, regional or territorial economy. An economic collapse is essentially a severe version of an economic depression, where an economy is in complete distress for months, years or possibly even decades. A total economic collapse is characterized by economic depression, civil unrest and highly increased poverty levels. Hyperinflation, stagflation and financial-market crashes can all be causes.

The first sign of a currency crisis, according to Dr. Ron Paul, will be a precipitous decline in the value of the dollar. A collapse in our currency would result in a spike in inflation. It would also be accompanied by an increase in U.S. interest rates. Paul’s prediction, although rather dire, is for the collapse of the entire U.S. financial system. If this occurs, the systemic risk would be massive. If the U.S. financial system actually did collapse, it would take the entire global financial system with it. Why? Because there is over $20 trillion in U.S. debt outstanding, with China and Japan being the largest holders. A U.S. collapse would devastate the entire globe.

What Will Happen If the U.S. Economy Collapses

If the U.S. economy collapses, you would not have access to credit. Banks would close. Demand would outstrip supply of food, gas and other necessities. Basic services, from garbage collection to public transportation, food distribution and health care, will collapse. Massive unemployment and underemployment, triggering social unrest, will be dealt with not through government job creation but the brutality of militarized police and a complete suspension of civil liberties.

As people panic, they would revert to survival and self-defense modes. The economy would return to a traditional economy, where those who grow food barter for other services.

The Coming Global Economic Collapse Part I:

Featuring (In Order Of Appearance)
06:12 – Peter Schiff, CEO of EuroPac & Bestselling Author
17:40 – Gerald Celente, Trends Forecaster & Publisher of the Trends Journal
36:26 – Dr. Ron Paul
43:52 – John Williams, CEO of Shadow Statistics
1:02:31 – 48:29 – Greg Hunter, Host & Executive Producer of USA Watchdog Radio


The Coming Global Economic Collapse Part II:

Featuring (In Order Of Appearance)
00:36 – Jim Rogers, Legendary Investor
05:09 – Chris Duane, Financial & Investing Expert
39:46 – Kevin W. Massengill
1:02:07 – Robert Wiedemer


The Global Economic Collapse Part III: How To Mentally & Physically Prepare

Featuring (In Order Of Appearance)
01:00 – Fernando “FerFAL” Aguirre, Author & Economic Collapse Survivor
29:04 – Joe Alton, M.D.
48:19 – Lisa Bedford, Survival Mom


The Global Economic Collapse Part IV: Metaphysical Reflections

Featuring (In Order Of Appearance)
01:00 – About Nanci Danison

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