What type of Cipher is this? (Key of Skeleton, Steven Wilson’s Hand. Cannot. Erase.)

What type of Cipher is this? (Key of Skeleton, Steven Wilson’s Hand. Cannot. Erase.)

I’m not asking for a solution to this but I was wondering if anyone knows what type of cipher this is? It has been proposed that this is similar to a Mexican Cipher Wheel, but anything other thoughts?

This comes from Steven Wilson’s album Hand. Cannot. Erase. (2015). It is a concept album loosely based on the story of Joyce Carol Vincent. In Steven’s concept, it is about a woman wanting to disappear yet living in a big city. The last track titled Ascendant Here On… alludes to the woman obtaining what she desires, to be erased. What this means no one knows, yet.

In an interview with Steven concerning numbers he recorded and buried in two tracks, Home Invasion/Regret #9 and Ancestral, of the album, he said:

I recorded myself the numbers of “Home invasion” and “Ancestral” , and they are part of a puzzle that is hidden in “Hand. Cannot. Erase.” (2015), with which you can discover what happens to the character, if you have the special edition. But I think nobody solved it yet, because it’s very hidden.

Prior to the release of the album, an online blog that was published and updated as if by the main character of the album. It details her ethos, pathos, and logos and chronicles strange events in her life including mysterious encounters with the “visitors”. It is these visitors who supposedly give her the Key of Skeleton which can be found in the special edition Steven mentioned. It is the Key of Skeleton and the numbers recorded on those two songs that have the solution to the woman’s disappearance.

For more information you can check out this video or this discord. Any other thoughts, suggestions, or insights (solutions welcome) would be appreciated. Thanks!

Key of Skeleton, Steven Wilson’s Hand. Cannot. Erase.

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