Total Lunar Eclipse In Aquarius: Major Changes & Release

Total Lunar Eclipse In Aquarius: Major Changes & Release

We are having a Total Lunar Eclipse on July 27th, 2018 which is also referred to as a ‘Blood Moon’. This specific eclipse will be the longest Lunar Eclipse we will have until 2123, lasting almost 4 hours. This is because it is a total eclipse at a time of year when the Earth reaches its furthest point from the Sun in its orbit while the Moon will be at its furthest point from the Earth. Therefore it casts a larger shadow over the Moon.

This eclipse will be visible from South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. In North America, a small part of it will be visible in Eastern Newfoundland, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, and other islands east of there.

Eclipses happen every 6 months and reflect changes and shifts that influence the following 3-6 months. This is the 2nd of a series of three happening back to back, with the previous and following ones being partial Solar Eclipses. However, this one is the most significant of the three because it is closest to the Lunar Nodes which is where the path of the Sun and Moon intersect. When this occurs, it is then a ‘Total’ or ‘Annular’ eclipse,  similarly to the ‘Great American’ Solar Eclipse that occurred in August 2017.

The previous Solar Eclipse occurred on July 12th/13th in Cancer. I wrote a separate article about it which you can read here.

Mercury also began its retrograde less than 2 days prior. This time occurring in Leo where the next Solar Eclipse will also occur. This combined with the eclipses and Mars also currently retrograde really emphasizes the changes and re-orientations occurring this summer. You can read more about this Mercury retrograde here.

Total Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius On The South Node

We have been experiencing eclipses in the Leo/Aquarius axis since last year. The eclipses in Leo are close to the North Node and the ones in Aquarius are close to the South Node. The changes reflected by these eclipses lean more towards new beginnings with how we incorporate Leo energy and endings around Aquarius energy. However, endings, beginnings, and different types of changes connected to both polarities can still occur.

This specific one being a Total Lunar Eclipse (Full Moon) really close to the South Node emphasizes more endings and release, but again, it is part of a process that began over a year ago. Aquarius is connected to how we approach friendships, acquaintances, colleagues, groups, and the collective. It is also about the intellect, humanitarian efforts, and social constructs. It can be aloof, overly objective, too scientific, dispassionate, impersonal, and detached.

This Eclipse Is Aligned with Mars Retrograde, Square Uranus, Sextile Chiron

Mars has been retrograde also in Aquarius since June 26th which will last until August 27th when it is in late Capricorn. This Full Moon and Eclipse will be occurring at the peak of this Mars retrograde and will also be aligned with it. During the days around the Eclipse, Mars is at its brightest point which occurs every two years, and if the Moon wasn’t full it would appear even brighter. This is the halfway point or peak of its retrograde and it is very rare to have a peak Mars next to a Full Moon, especially an eclipse. It will be a great sight to see.

Astrologically, however, this can be intense for some people. This eclipse amplifies and really highlights the Mars retrograde energy (read more about it here). The themes of release will be very much connected to certain aspects of how we apply Mars. It could affect the way apply action, assert ourselves, anger, aggression, desires, sexuality, competitiveness, force, violence, courage, survival instincts, and how we use physical energy. With Mars travelling over the South Node, it is possible that people or issues from the past may come up which ultimately could help with this process.

This eclipse and Mars will also be in a square with Uranus. This can make us overly reactive, impulsive, rebellious, feisty, and trigger separative behaviour. Considering that Mercury is also retrograde, we need to be cautious about doing something that we regret, but at the same time, it is still important to do what feels right at the moment.

This can be a period of doing things without careful consideration, but in many cases, some of what might occur could have been brewing up for a while, and if so, the timing may be right to make a bold move. This energy is also particularly strong August 1st and 2nd but builds up as we get closer to those dates.

Uranus is also slowing down to go retrograde on August 7th. The fact that it is changing motion really amplifies many of the themes mentioned. We may be considering things to do with our individuality, freedom, innovation, technological or metaphysical pursuits, as well as separation from something.

This eclipse is also in a sextile with Chiron in Mars-ruled Aries. This could potentially bring themes connected to old wounds, negative patterns, and blockages. The release process of this eclipse could coincide with some sort of healing and/or holistic awareness/application towards any issues we are dealing with.

Venus Trine Pluto and Saturn Trine Uranus

Venus in Virgo is in a tight trine with Pluto in Capricorn. This can help to facilitate important changes or some sort of deepening around friendships, lovers, or values. For some people, this can have a positive effect on finances or value connected to the workplace or career. However, considering the energies of this eclipse, it can also help to facilitate a purging process regarding our relations or negative behaviours connected to money or values.

Saturn in Capricorn gets close to an exact trine with Uranus as it transitions to retrograde. This is something that began last year in Fire signs, now occurring in Earth signs. This is a great energy for new, innovative, and authentic approaches towards career matters, responsibilities, structure, and building something in a new way. This can also be good for integrating more technology, science, metaphysics, or astrological approaches towards these things.

To Consider During This Period

What do you need to release yourself from? Is there an area of your life calling for some sort of separation or liberation? What changes do you need to make regarding your friends, groups, and your overall social network? What do you need to change about the way you assert yourself or apply your physical body? What are you being shown through the developments connected to issues or relationships from the past?

Do you have issues with anger and aggression that you need to change? Do you feel like you need to shift something around the way you pursue your desires? Is there something about the way you approach sexuality or relationships that need to shift? How can you express yourself in a more authentic way?

These are just some examples of what could be coming up, but not limited to them either. If you decide to use this energy to intentionally release something from your life, it is best to start that after the Moon starts to wane after the peak of the Full Moon, or even over the following two weeks.

The exact moment of the peak will be at 8:22 pm Universal Time on July 27th. You can click here to see what that is in your time zone. If the eclipse is visible in your location, remember that it begins almost two hours before the peak and two hours following, and also depends on what time the Moon rises and sets in your location.

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