Google’s “SELFISH LEDGER” and the idea of no #Privacy for the betterment of the human race

Google’s “SELFISH LEDGER” and the idea of no privacy for the betterment of the human race

Anyone reading /r/privacy should know about Google’s “SELFISH LEDGER” video by now.

If you don’t, and how could you not? then seek it out on YouTube.

Putting all information gathered from users, through smart AIs and filters, which then come up with recommendations and suggestions for improving their lives based on that data. Also, making the data public, so it can be passed down to help future generations as well.

As a corporation, Google HAS to design their products to work like this. They are in the business of collecting user data. With great power comes great responsibility, so why not nudge users towards things that improve their lives, and the world? Like getting healthier, protecting the environment, not wasting money, etcetera.

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Facebook and Farmville was all just a silly trick to get you to stay addicted to Facebook, and maybe buy some Facebook credits.

But forcing all user data on Earth to be processed by A.I.s hell-bent on improving the world, how can that possibly go wrong?

Someone posted a YouTube rebuttal which brought up SERENITY and the experiemntal drug that killed 99.9 percent of all the people on a planet and turned the 0.1 percent into ultra-aggressive “reavers”.

That, forcing all data to be public, for the betterment of the human race, might sound like a good idea but will probably go disasterously, horribly wrong.

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