HookTube is no more, so I made a similar site

HookTube is no more, so I made a similar site

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About HookTube

HookTube used to be a site to watch YouTube videos while not directly transmitting data to Google and running their nonfree JavaScript in your browser.

Unfortunately, now it’s just “a light-weight YouTube”. Hit the changelog button at the top to read more.

Obviously I wasn’t too pleased about this, so I went ahead and made my own thing. Cross your fingers!

About my own player

When watching a video, no contact is made with the YouTube API. Data is requested from /api/youtube/video/id on my site and information is retrieved from ytdl-core and sent back.

The browser’s native HTML5 player is used for displaying the video streams. Quality selection is provided by a drop-down box. Items marked with a ! have the audio stream separated from the video file. Unlike HookTube, I actually make an attempt to synchronise these streams to make higher qualities possible, but the system should be considered experimental and unreliable. If you have a decent internet speed you shouldn’t encounter too many problems. If the audio becomes desynced, pause and resume the video to resync it. If this just isn’t working out, pick one of the items without a ! and everything should work perfectly.

When searching for videos, I do use the YouTube API. Requests are sent to /api/youtube/search?q=terms on my site which then queries the YouTube API and sends back the results.

A channel page is also available, which only shows videos in order of most recent. Similarly to searches, this also indirectly uses the YouTube API.

Feedback welcome, please don’t hurt me, this was actually quite a bit of effort.

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