RSO oil dilated pupils and weird side effects!

RSO oil dilated pupils and weird side effects!

So I have Pudendal Neuralgia and have had it for almost 5 years now. It’s bad, I haven’t been able to enjoy a seat, not even with a proper cushion since it came.

I am tired of all the Tramadol, amitriptiline and xanax I have been ingesting since this nightmare started.

I never liked marijuana generally speaking and I am somebody that used to enjoy drugs. Anyways.

TLDR; I got this RSO oil from the dark web where seller claimed to go careful as it is 33% CBD and 90% THC. All of this of course non verifiable but it is hell strong and took most of the pain away within 2 days.

However, instead of calmness I am extremely euphoric, I noticed my eyes pupils are dilated, I don’t fell much sleepy, I am experiencing weird body temperature rises and drops, I am not hungry when I should be but I might wake up at 3am and wanting to have lunch.

Now, I have clearly under estimated it as I mistakenly took at least 10 times more the initial dosage, and this was on Friday and I really had a bad weekend and still tripping. Is all of this normal?

I know my body needs time to adjust to this new product and I clearly overdosed it on first try, but aside from this, are all these side effects normal?

Oh and btw, it makes me go to the bathroom at least twice a day, which is amazing, given the fact that when I got this illness from going to the bathroom regularly every day I ended up going once a week.

I truly appreciate your help.

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